St. Thomas High School was established in 1981 by the founder Mr. Malvin Lyster.

The school offers an educational program for 500 children aged between 3 and 14, from Play Group to Matric. Our students are known as inclusive, eager and conscientious. They are well cared for, very well behaved and are regularly attired in school uniform. St. Thomas is recognized for its strong, dedicated and professional staff. The majority are very experienced, with most having taught for 15 or more years. A variety of high quality student centered teaching-learning approaches operate within the school, with high expectations set for achievement and conduct.

Student academic performance data indicates a very high level of achievement across all learning areas.

Our education system focuses on individual capability and improves fundamental skills by individualized instruction. This method helps to develop a sense of self-achievement and enables our students to attend their choice of universities.

We continuously aim to develop an essential sense for leaders, such as scientific insight, internationalism and inspiring altruistic endeavors.


Preparing young’s for Tomorrow’s human race:

Young people everywhere need to develop a greater breadth of skills to evaluate and apply knowledge in ways that meet the new demands of our changing social and economic land.

St. Thomas has highly qualified trained and experienced teaching staff which comprises male and female members. All the teachers are aware of the latest teaching techniques and pay individual attention to each child to ensure that all the children discover themselves to their maximum according to their ability at their own rate.

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